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Futuristic Car

The object that I used was my gaming mouse. When deciding what I would use for the Sunday sketch, I wanted to choose something that I use a lot in my daily life. Therefore when I looked at my desk, I found my gaming mouse and decided to use it as my object. When looking at my model, I recognized that its side looked like the BMW X6 model, where the car’s ceiling is bent at the back. After choosing to draw a car, I planned to sketch a car driving on a highway at night with buildings in the background. However, as a person that likes nature and wants to live in a place in the future where nature and buildings coexist which each other, I sketched trees and bushes with a building in the background. I made sure to draw the car’s wheels and try to express the buttons on the side of the mouse to appear as the windows. The design of the building was motivated by a typical building that can be seen in Seoul, South Korea. I really enjoyed this project because it has been a long time since I’ve sketched something. Also, it was fun using my critical thinking ability to see objects around me artistically and turn them into a piece of art despite my poor drawing skills. 


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